Draughts in your home can be caused by unwanted gaps in your house which leads to the outside. Windows, doors with letter spaces or keyholes, loft hatches and many more generic gaps can cause you to experience a draught within your home. The thing is ... not all gusts of cold air are bad. In rooms where condensation can build and ventilation is needed due to electrical conveniences, a draught can help to reduce the build up of condensation.

Draughts are most commonly known and found in properties which have Sash Windows. By draught proofing sash windows, fewer heat escapes and little to no cold air comes in. This can reduce heating bills and creates a more energy efficient home. One way to draught proof your sash windows is by using weatherstripping or timber/plastic beading. At Restoration windows we keep within the style of the sash window property by udsing heritage timber beads. 

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